James Kathleen

James Kathleen


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hollie and Scott [ Family Session ]

Hollie wanted fall colors for her family photos and we were able to get the tail end of them with this session. I photographed their wedding and was lucky enough to be able to capture them as parent's with their darling little girl, Kaitlin.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Will and Clark [ family session ]

 This little lovable guy is Clark. His hair is absolutely adorable and the outfit his mom chose to pair with the vintage globe? Perfect!

Clark was doing so good that we decided to introduce his brother Will to the camera. Clark wasn't so sure about the whole hugging thing..

And Will wasn't so sure about the whole camera thing..

 We got some smiles once mom and and dad got in the frame!

And just one more because he could have smiled all evening long!

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mary [ Howell Senior ]

It's senior year for this sister of mine! It seems like I was just living at home with her and sharing a bedroom and having pillow talks. Mary is the next sister under me, so naturally we shared a room growing up, played all the make believe things together (even when I probably was a little too old), talked endlessly of how we couldn't wait to grow up and now here we are. I am married and she is in her senior year of high school. Sometimes I still wish we were little, still sharing a bedroom and spending almost every second of our time at home together. I miss the days when she would ask me if I was going somewhere and if I said no she'd say, "me neither" then i'd change my mind and say yes and she'd of course magically change her mind too. We laugh about it now :)  There are perks of getting older like having deep conversations that mean so much and learning things from her when I thought I'd always be the one handing down the advice. A bond between sisters is a special bond and it only grows as we do.  And here is to hoping she will end up in the U.P. and live near me next year (keeping my fingers crossed)!

 We took these pictures in the fall around downtown Howell. Mary had been asking me for awhile to get them done, and we finally fit them in when we were down for a quick weekend. It was fun to photograph in new places and spend an evening together!

I wish you the best during your remaining time at HHS, dear sister!!
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ruth and Brett [Minnesota Engagement]

Ruth and Brett were engaged in the spring and we finally met up with them in Minnesota to take some engagement pictures in October.  These two just had a wedding and are currently enjoying some sunshine on their honeymoon another world away. I'm only a little bit jealous of the weather.

When we had talked about taking engagement pictures Ruth told me they were up for anything. So if there was anything I wanted to try I could. Thanks Ruth! James and I both brought our cameras and had fun coming up with new ideas. 

I got all emotional as I went through these knowing the amount of love between them that brought them to be husband and wife. It was so fun to notice how attentive they are to one another. I love that you can really tell they care so deeply for one another. It's really a beautiful kind of love. Then again, what love isn't beautiful?

Ruth is my older sister and someone I always looked up to. It seemed as though I was always way younger than her though and never would really be able to relate. As we grew older we became closer as we started having more in common and I didn't feel so much like a little sister anymore. I am thankful she always looks out for me and that she can always tell if things aren't going too smoothly for me. She has been so supportive in my photography business and encouraged me from the beginning. She is special to me and I have no doubt in my mind that Brett will take great care of Ruth and couldn't be happier for the two of them.

 Thank you so much Ruth and Brett for allowing us to capture this special time in your life. We wish you the best in Minnesota and can't wait to come visit you in your new house!


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